Valentina from the OWP invited me to take part in this meme game. A meme (thanks for the definition, Bee) is term used to describe songs, catch phrases, clothes fashions, or other cultural information passed from person to person) that is passed over the internet by word of mouth (Wikipedia).

So, I’m supposed to reveal five things most people don’t know about me and then to pass the ball to five other bloggers by tagging them.  I’ll write this time, but this reminds me too much of those chain letters my friends used to pass around in third grade. You know, the ones where if you didn’t send the letter on to ten more people, you would meet some kind of horrible death!

1. Yoga.  I love ashtanga yoga, but I haven’t found anyplace to take classes here in El Salvador.  And I’m not good enough or motivated enough yet to practice on my own!

2. Travel.  Living in San Salvador, I’m only six hours away from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Copán, a mere four hours from Guatemala City, a half hour from the Pacific, not much farther from Nicaragua.  Travelling in Central America is like going from Cincinnati to Chicago!  I love it!

3. Language.  I have this dream to go back to studying German, and then Portuguese…

4. Recent medical calamities.  I threw out my back while I was in Costa Rica this past week.  Hmmm, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I’d been more diligent with my yoga practice!

5. Dancing.  Before I lived in Barranquilla, Colombia, I only liked dancing.  Now, I have a salsa/merengue/vallenato/cumbia itch that I can’t seem to get rid of.