This week village 11 focused on simulated real-life scenes, recreations of historical monuments, real life places, and active communities in Second Life.  My schedule didn’t allow me to attend many tours this week, but I did make it to Paris 1900 and Arachon.  Unfortunately, the lag in the Paris tour today didn’t allow me to enjoy it much, but I had visited it before, one morning when we had a snow day, and it’s awesome!  As both places use French, I got to practice my listening, although it’s been too long for me to dare to speak!  I have a whole list of places to visit as I have the time, which I’ll post here (so I won’t forget that I want to visit them):

Some require you to dress in authentic period clothing.  I keep thinking “if I had students I could use this with…”  A fellow teacher suggested only the teacher having access to SL, while the RL students watch on.  This could work with my younger students, who get excited about anything that’s even partially new (which I love btw!), but I think the older students would get bored fairly fast.  None of it matters for the time being, since the Internet connection is way too slow, and I’m sure SL is blocked, but you never know what the future may bring.  For now, I’m content learning what I can about language teaching and learning in SL.